Lexus Nuaero Concept looks like Minority Report reject

The Lexus Nuaero concept would look right at home running alongside its movie star sibling that appeared in Minority Report, though that concept vehicle got all the looks. Unfortunately, that's not saying much. Jon Radbrink has penned a futuristic blade of a car that comes out looking for all the world like a Stanley Pocket Surform. The forward thinking doesn't stop with the Hobie-Cat exterior, there's plenty of future-dreaming inside the Nuaero. Pedals have been banished for a steering wheel-based setup that operates sort of like an aircraft yoke. Radbrink thinks that people's hands are better for driving than our feet - something about accuracy. Mhm. John must ride the train a lot; we see plenty of inaccuracies happening out there by people using all four extremeties. While we're all dreaming, the Nuaero is intended to be rendered in lightweight materials, so it would theoretically offer the space of a larger vehicle while only pressing the scales with the equivalent weight of a SMART ForTwo. At least we now have a design for this years Pinewood Derby. Thanks for the tip, Ian!

[Source: Gizmodo]

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