eBay Find of the Day: G-Wiz from Top Gear

Click above for more images of Top Gear's crashed G-Wiz

Top Gear has never been kind to the G-Wiz, that electric Quadricycle that's only available across the pond in Europe. In this video, Jeremy Clarkson - star of the U.K. Top Gear shows - definitively proves that a table is a better, faster and safer mode of transportation. But, that's not the only time that Top Gear has tested the G-Wiz's safety. In this video, Top Gear tested the electric vehicle's crashworthiness by smashing one head-first into a concrete barrier at 40 miles per hour. Considering that the G-Wiz is not required to meet safety regulations - it is not intended to be driven at high speeds - the results are rather predictable, but a bit scary nonetheless. After the test, it seems that the wrecked G-Wiz EV was ignominiously left for dead at the Top Gear offices in the U.K. Anybody interested in picking up a slightly used, though still currently registered, G-Wiz can check the eBay auction here. Proceeds go to the Children in Need charity.

[Sources: eBay, Top Gear]

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