Man claims prayer brought pump prices down

In the book of Genesis, man was given dominion over all the plants and animals, so we're guessing that dead, liquified ones count, too. Since Rocky Twyman started his Pray At The Pump effort in April, average fuel prices have certainly fallen. Twyman believes that his groups' prayers have effected the change, and that no other factors like shifting consumer behavior, international conflict, or speculators has anything to do with it. Right.

The Pray At The Pump group is not just asking for divine fuel price intervention without also encouraging acts of sacrifice on behalf of man – Twyman's ministry strongly encourages car pooling and better organized trips to maximize conservation on a day to day basis. After all, committing the mortal sin of gluttony while asking for the Lord to make it easier on us all would ring kind of hollow. We suppose even the non-faithful can get behind Twyman's effort in that it's at least as effective as the various fuel-saving trinkum that internet scheisters are imploring us to buy (run your car on water? hydrogen " batteries"?), and it costs nothing, to boot. Combined with a regimen of proven fuel-saving behaviors, extra prayers certainly can't hurt in keeping the flow of car-sustaining manna trickling along at an affordable price.

[Source: BBC, AutoblogGreen, Photo:]

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