Woodward 2008: It's not all gas guzzling muscle cars

When most people think of cruising, the image that comes to mind is muscle cars, hot rods, low-riders and the like. The Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit is so big that it inevitably attracts all kinds of vehicles, some of which use no fossil fuels and emit no pollutants. Consider for example the four wheeled, pedal powered "Dogsled" four-seater pictured above. The Smart ForTwo was also visible in abundance on Saturday as were some decidedly downsized cars, electric cars and even a fuel cell Chevy Equinox.

Some things just weren't as abundant this year as in years past. The total number of vehicles, for example. With gas prices still hovering just below $4/gallon, it seems many people who normally bring their old classics out to troll down Woodward chose to stay home this year. While last year the cars were almost bumper to bumper all the way down the street from about 11 am onward, this year, even at 3 pm, there was still plenty of free space on the road.

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