Well, gas prices have dipped... did praying help?

Photo by Maveric2003. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

It wasn't too long ago that the Good Lord came out against sinful gas guzzlers. But, if people like Rocky Twyman are to be believed, then perhaps God is rethinking His policies. Twyman is a choir director who leads the "Pray at the Pump" movement, which goes to gas stations and prays for lower fuel prices. Twyman has been touring the country trying to get God's attention these past few months. Back in April, he was in San Francisco, in June he was in Seattle, and this past Wednesday, he and a group of supporters were in D.C. for a "victory celebration" over the recent dip in gas prices, according to the AP. He said that if the whole country prayed, we could bring gas down to under $ 2 a gallon. The logical question I have to Twyman, then, is does God favor all the people in those countries where gas prices are like 12 cents a gallon over Americans?

Our green car buddy Jay Leno called Twyman's movement George Bush's energy plan, which promoted Twyman to pray for Leno. Leno isn't the only one poking fun.

Also, there's a short news video about Twyman after the jump.

[Source: AP]

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