Manny Lopez imagines what green-minded Politicians used to drive

Not everyone who currently cares about the environment has done so for their whole lives. Who cares? Everyone grows up, though that term means more to some people than to others. For our part, we don't have a problem with the Woodward Dream Cruise, which will take place this weekend in Detroit, Michigan. Sure, there will be lots of carbon-emitting and pollution-generating V8 engines powering Hot Rods and muscle cars for no reason other than to see and be seen. Still, these vehicles were built long before the effect of pollution were in the public eye and are a testament to where the United States came from and are therefore a legacy that still burns strong. That's fine. But, that doesn't mean that the future's vehicles need to be as big, powerful and gas-guzzling as their ancestors.

These facts as laid out in the preceding paragraph seem lost on Detroit News writer Manny Lopez as he calls green-minded politicians like Nancy Pelosi, former Vice President Al Gore and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger people who "hate the American auto industry." Lopez goes on to imagine in his head what these people drove before they were in positions of power. Sure, it's completely fictitious, but who cares, right?

[Source: Manny Lopez / The Detroit News]

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