VIDEO: AeroMotions downforce splitting rear spoiler in action

Click above to view video of the AeroMotrions wing in action

Earlier this week we introduced you to the AeroMotions downforce splitting rear spoiler, a wing that's split in two and uses an onboard computer to selectively adjust the pitch of each wing section to provide the maximum amount of traction for any given situation. At the time all we had was a single picture from the spoiler's debut at an autocrossing event in California, but the company has since released video of said autocrossing showing the wing in action. Watching the video after the jump, you can clearly see how this thing works. Turn left and the driver-side part of the wing flips up to increase downforce and keep the inside rear wheel planted. Turn right and the opposite happens. Floor the car in a straight line and both halves of the wing level out. The amazing thing is how fast each section of the wing reacts, as its constantly adjusting the angles in real time. Follow the jump to check it out for yourself. Thanks for the tip, Vince!

[Source: AeroMotions]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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