Dude! Better bicycle seat yields better sex

SpongyWonder bicycle seat

Some of us guys who use a bicycle to commute to school or work expect to reap the benefits this kind of self-propelled transportation provides. We save money and don't pollute by going gas free. We get a bit of a cardio workout and reduce our need for expensive medical treatment later on. However, for some there are drawbacks to cycling that don't get mentioned much because it was thought nothing much could be done about it and besides that, there are some things guys just don't like to talk about.

For those of you who were afraid to ask there is good news to be had today. A new study informs us that no-nose bicycle seats can improve penile sensation and erectile function whilst decreasing "groin numbness" and perineal discomfort. No, really! The study was carried out over the span of a year using 90 cycling police officers from all over the country as guinea pigs and found that, well, no-nose bicycle seats rule! Of course, some complain that this type of seat also decreases control over your bike (and looks funny) but for transportation purposes they should function just fine. There are many different styles of noseless saddles out there so hit up the great Google and take a gander.

[Source: Science Daily]

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