AeroMotions downforce splitting rear spoiler debuts

The faster a car goes, the more downforce its various wings, spoilers and splitters can produce. There's always a trade-off though, as the byproduct of downforce is more drag, which reduces a car's top speed. Supercars like the Bugatti Veyron use active aerodynamics to produce the right amount of downforce for a specific situation like twisty road courses or high-speed runs, but cars like the Veyron are out of reach for most. Enter AeroMotions, a company that promises its rear wing assembly will provide the perfect amount of downforce at all times. The carbon fiber wing is split into two sections, each one moving independently of one another to offer just the right amount of traction. An on-board computer constantly monitors acceleration, braking and lateral acceleration so it can actively change the pitch of the wing's sections in real-time as the car is being driven, effectively giving more or less downforce to whichever side of the car needs it most. AeroMotions' wing is currently undergoing testing, and one of our readers happened to witness it in action in California and was impressed. If anyone's got video of the wing in action, we've got popcorn and are waiting. Thanks for the tip, Vince!

[Source: AeroMotions]

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