Subaru asks, Pogo or PZEV?

Subaru doesn't have any hybrids in its line up and its electric car program, based around the R1e, is still in its (seemingly never-ending) infancy, but it does have partial zero-emission vehicles (PZEVs) and , apparently, pogo sticks. In an effort to promote the sale of its PZEV vehicles in Canada, the company offers a website to explore the two options. It's a close call but we really have to go for the PZEV, if only to avoid any sudden onset of motion sickness.

Although we have our suspicions about whether the car maker is actually a pogo provider, we are certain they make PZEVs. They are already on sale in the US but are mostly sold in California so as to to meet that state's SULEV (Super-Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle) exhaust emission standard. The provinces of Quebec and British Columbia are said to be wanting to adopt those same standards. Seeing which way the wind is blowing, Subaru is offering the PZEV system as standard in its Legacy model and as an option in the Outback. It doesn't change the horsepower rating but it does reduce smog-producing emissions by some 90 percent, when compared with the average new car. Same power with cleaner air sounds like a great combination to us and we only wish it was much more widely available since the benefits would be astounding. No pogoing required.

[Source: The Canadian Press / Subaru]

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