Dutch town cleans the air with concrete

Follow the green brick road.. follow, follow... well, okay, fine. So, it's not literally green, but the Dutch town of Hengelo is at least greening up one of its roads with air-purifying bricks. The concrete was developed by the University of Twente and features a titanium dioxide-based additive which is said to soak up some of the nitrogen oxide particles emitted by car exhausts as they drive over. So far, only half of one road will be paved with bricks of this special concrete to see if any measurable improvement in air quality can be achieved. So far, no real-world testing has been done, though the creation has proven successful at binding the nitrogen oxide particles and turning them into harmless nitrates in the lab setting.

Sunlight is necessary for the reaction to take place, but afterwards, the roadway will be washed clean with the next rain. If the first trial proves the concept, more roads will soon follow. By next summer, early results will be in. Stay tuned.

[Source: Yahoo via Engadget]

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