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Drop the family at Disney, take MagLev to Vegas

Gamblers with families might start humming "It's a small world after all" if plans for a high-speed maglev train between Disneyland and Las Vegas continues to go forward. The "technical corrections" legislation that was recently passed freed up $42 million from a 2005 transportation bill to go towards an environmental study of the first leg of the project. The train, moving at speeds of up to 310 mph while levitating on a magnetic field, would make short work and a smooth ride of the 4 hours it currently takes to make the trip by car. It's a great sounding idea that could give both tourists destinations a big green boost. That is, it's great until you check out the $12 billion price tag. Yikes! Of course, $12 billion might be ok if it's a financially viable proposition. The Central Japan Railway Co. is spending $45 billion on a shorter run and foregoing government subsidies to do it.

[Source: Blogging Stocks]

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