Courier-sharing scheme appears in France

Most of us are unaware of the impact of couriers services. Yes, it's good to get everything we ordered delivered straight to our door and it's usually greener than going to the mall to look for it, but here's an idea we just saw in France: courier sharing. Imagine you have to sent a parcel from Paris to, let's say, your aunt spending her vacation in Biarritz. Then imagine that the Duponts are also going from Paris to Biarritz to spend their vacations. This courier sharing scheme will get the Duponts and you in touch so they carry the package for your aunt in their car so you not only save in courier expenses by paying a part of the Duponts' gas and toll money, but also in CO 2 emitted to the atmosphere. Up to 25,000 subscribers, from which 2,400 users have already used this system to get things sent. Interested? Check Coulis-voiturage to know more.
[Source: Autoplus]

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