Bricycle: an electric recumbent bicycle

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A man by the name of Brian has taken an interesting approach to designing an eco-friendly vehicle to replace some of the single-passengers cars driving all over the roads in America, and he calls it the Bricycle. Using three wheels -- one up front and two in the rear -- the Bricycle allows human power in the form of pedaling along with forty-eight volts of electric assist at the front. The rider/driver sits in a reclined position inside a canopy of composite bodywork. Brian's design also features twenty-one different gearing choices for the operator.

While a vehicle such as this will likely never see mass-market appeal, it would serve to eliminate a certain amount of traffic and allow those who would choose to ride to work anyway an opportunity to do so with some weather protection. Additionally, the concept shouldn't be too expensive to recreate after the initial design work is complete. We like it.

[Source: via Engadget]

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