Our kind of recycling: Full-size cardboard Aston Martin DB5

Even "normal" Aston Martin DB5's are priced in the stratosphere, but Mr. Bond's up-armored version would likely command a premium, were the provenance verifiable. Just like foam, clay, and dynoc make very convincing styling bucks for automakers, cardboard in the right hands can take a pile of Two Buck Chuck shipping vessels and create '60s Aston gold. Creating rather than destroying, perhaps someone should tip off the dude who's smashing musclecars together in pursuit of some kind of artistic expression?

Replicating something of great value and pop culture weightiness out of essentially worthless material without the help of any wooden or metal frame is a skillful trick. Even more skillful is the bang-on accuracy of artist Chris Gilmour's renderings. Toss a coat of paint on that thing, and you's swear that Q Branch built it. There's even a full complement of machine guns, Ben-Hur knockoffs, and a big ejector seat button in the shifter. Looking at the pictures, we expect you to talk.

[Source: Chris Gilmour via Jalopnik]

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