VIDEO: GM engineer trying to debunk some ethanol myths

One reality of biofuels (not to mention most things related to cars or technology) is that those of who read sites like this one are outliers. The majority of people out there (especially politicians) have at best a superficial knowledge of what alternative fuels are and whether they can use them in their vehicles. Over on the GMnext site they have posted a new video asking people on the street if they know what E85 is, where it comes from and whether its better for the environment. As most of us here know the answer to the last question is far from clear cut. On all the questions asked however, almost all the people questioned were shockingly ill or mis-informed. GM Engineer Melissa Schulz answers some of the questions trying to clear up misconceptions. Its not to in-depth but if any of your less enthusiastic friends need a quick primer, send them the link

[Source: GMnext]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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