Pontiac G3 not coming to the U.S... yet

Despite the fact that Canadian Pontiac dealers are already selling the new Pontiac G3 and that the U.S. EPA has certified the model for sale in the U.S., GM is not currently planning on bringing the model over the border. The G3 is basically a badge-engineered version of the Chevy Aveo, itself a relatively new design in five-door trim. While the front-end and grille of the Poncho may actually be a bit nicer looking than the in-yer-face gaping maw of the Chevy, it still features those unfortunate and ungainly fake side vents. Yuck.

Considering that the G3 would be rated at a relatively good 25/34 with the auto and 27/34 with the standard five-speed stick, we wouldn't be surprised if the G3 did eventually make it into U.S. showrooms nationwide. The G3 could be a fuel efficient, entry-level stepping stone into more expensive options at combined Buick/ Pontiac/GMC dealerships.

[Source: Inside Line]

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