No school for you! Chrysler cancels tuition assistance

Following in the footsteps of cross-town rival Ford, which did the deed back in June of this year, Chrysler has just announced that it will no longer be paying for the tuitions of white-collar non-union workers. The automaker will continue to pay for classes that its workers are currently enrolled in, but after that, the assistance will be gone. Also, if a worker has already had a specific class approved, Chrysler will still foot the bill. Although the automaker says it hopes to reinstate tuition reimbursement in the future, it'll likely take a major change in consumer's buying habits before that time comes. Detroit-area Universities are expected to take the brunt of the impact on the higher-learning cuts, as the majority of the seats in the post-graduate courses are filled with workers from the Detroit 3.
[Sources: The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press]

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