KBB goes Green, awards Top Green Cars of 2008

What are the best green cars available to consumers in 2008? The Toyota Prius certainly springs to mind, and that model is in fact KBB's top choice in their new Top Green Cars of 2008 list. Six of KBB's top ten choices are hybrids, which is not surprising given their comparatively low fuel consumption numbers. There are three gasoline powered cars on the list, the Honda Fit, smart ForTwo and the Mini Cooper -- all find choices as far as we are concerned, and each sitting in a slightly different market niche. Lastly, a single model from Mercedes-Benz represents the few diesels currently available in America. That particular model is the E320 BlueTEC, a sedan which sort of falls under the new classification of Clean Diesels due to its use of some exhaust-scrubbing technology (MB has a waiver to lease the E320 in California and four other states for 2 years).

This list was launced in conjunction with KBB Green, a new site from Kelley Blue Book which focuses in on the emerging green-scene in the automotive realm. Hey, we were there first! We kid, of course (we weren't the very first). It's great to see a major player like KBB jump into the fray, giving consumers ever more eco-friendly information related to their next car purchase. Thanks for the tip, Ashley!

[Source: KBB Green via eMercedesBenz]

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