Chinese companies selling $1,400 Dodge Tomahawk knock-off

Click above for high-res gallery of the Tomahawk knock-off

Back before Chrysler was bought by Cerberus, you could always count on the automaker to roll out something truly special at the Detroit Auto Show. Whether by stampeding an entire herd of cattle through downtown Detroit or putting motorcycle bits all around the V10 engine of a Viper, Dodge has always found a way to capture people's attention. The Viper-inspired Tomahawk motorcycle was especially memorable. It seems that some are still miffed that Dodge never offered the fabled bike as a regular production machine, though a few were in fact created and sold as non-runners. Now a company (or companies, who knows?) in China has decided to offer a motorcycle based on the design of Dodge's original concept. We should stress that this is in no way a replica, as the original V10 engine has been replaced by a single cylinder 150cc engine and CVT transmission from a scooter. It's not street legal and also cannot be sold in California. As with all small-bore motorcycles and scooters coming from China with questionable origins, we really cannot recommend you purchase one for yourself with visions of riding it to work. If you just want to see it in your garage though, it'll surely work as a rolling sculpture quite nicely.

[Source: ATV Discounter via]

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