EEStor makes production milestone announcement of sorts

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Following months of silence about the progress of its potentially world-changing energy storage device, the secretive Cedar Park, Texas-based firm, EEStor, has issued a press release announcing that it has reached key production milestones. One such marker for example is, " the certification of the completeness of the powder crystallization of the constituents utilized in producing its [composition modified barium titanate] CMBT powders." For those of you lacking a degree in advanced materials science, we believe what they are trying to say is that some of the materials which they will use to create their electrical energy storage unit (EESU) are within the specifications necessary for production. No, they haven't actually produced a working prototype or anything they could point to to prove they have the answer to life, the universe and everything but they have indeed created the most complicated sounding press release of all time.

They also say they have shown Dr. Edward Golla of the Texas Research Institute their test and measurement equipment and that Golla has certified that the equipment is capable of measuring what EEStor says it will. None of this however gives any indication of whether EEStors ultra capacitors will ever actually work as claimed. For that we must still wait. It does seem as though the company has opened the lines of communication to the outside world with the publishing of an email address. However, we are sure you are more likely to gain insight into their progress by keeping tabs on the blog that thoroughly follows everything EEStor. Hit the jump to decipher the press release for yourselves.

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Press Release

EEStor Announces Certification of Additional Key Production Milestones and Enhancement of Chemical Purity

CEDAR PARK, Texas, July 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Edward D. Golla, PhD,
Laboratory Director for Texas Research International (acting as an
independent agent) has certified that EEStor, Inc. test equipment,
procedures, and techniques are capable of providing the EEStor, Inc.
required testing accuracy for EEStor's chemicals and powder production
processing analyses.

Since the beginning of 2007, EEStor, Inc. has been advancing its
chemical purification and powder production processes. The decision to
focus on these processes was made to help assure that EEStor, Inc. could
meet the most critical demands of business segments for production
throughput, cost, and energy storage. The certification data described in
this press release will assist in indicating the success EEStor, Inc. has
had in completing its objectives.

EEStor, Inc. has achieved success on one of its most critical technical
milestones and that is the certification of the completeness of the powder
crystallization of the constituents utilized in producing its CMBT powders.
The percent of the constituents crystallized in the CMBT powders ranged
from 99.57% to 100.00% with the average being 99.92%. This level of
crystallization provides the path for the possibility of EEStor, Inc.
providing the published energy storage for present products and major
advancements in energy storage for future products.

The purification of the EEStor, Inc. chemicals has been certified by
the same chemical analysis company as EEStor's press release dated January
17, 2007 and now indicates that EEStor has improved its chemical purity to
the parts-per-billion range. The aluminum oxide particle coating material
purification has been certified to be in the parts-per-trillion level.
Achieving these levels of purification are additional major factors in
allowing EEStor, Inc. the potential to reach its target working voltage.
EEStor, Inc. has certification data from outside sources that purified
aluminum oxide, in the range that EEStor, Inc. has certified, can have a
voltage breakdown of 1,100 volts per micron. The target working voltage of
EEStor's chemical processes is at 350 volts per micron. This provides the
potential for excellent protection from voltage breakdown.

It has also been certified by Mr. Ian Treviranus of HORIBA Instruments,
Inc. and the LA-950 particle measurement system that EEStor, Inc. has
achieved their goal of producing powder particles in the range of 1 micron
with a very narrow particle size distribution. EEStor, Inc. has
certification data that indicates achieving powder particle of this size
and distribution along with the aluminum oxide particle coating assists
EEStor, Inc. in meeting the energy storage stabilization over the
temperature range of interest for key applications.

EEStor, Inc. published patent, application number 5812758, indicates
the flexible matrix concept that could provide the potential of multiple
technical and production advantages. One of the technical advantages
indicated is assisting in providing polarization of the ultra capacitors.
Polarization along with other proprietary processing steps provides the
potential of a polarization saturation voltage required by EEStor, Inc.

These key certified production milestones of particle crystallization,
size, purity, and polarization are expected to assist EEStor in providing
not only present and future energy storage requirements but also production

ABOUT EEStor, Inc.

Headquartered in Cedar Park, Texas, EEStor, Inc. is dedicated to the
design, development, and manufacturing of high-density electrical energy
storage units.

Utilizing revolutionary ultra capacitor architecture and
environmentally friendly materials the EEStor, Inc. EESU will have the
capability to compete against all existing battery and capacitor

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