Design student dreams up a Datsun revival

Ever since the Datsun nameplate gave way to Nissan, some fans have wanted it back. The "Nissan 510" just doesn't have the same ring. Design student Benjamin Nawka agrees, and as his thesis project at Pforzheim University in Germany, he created the Datsun XLink as a way to fulfill unrequited Datsun-lover dreams.

Just as fantastic as the idea of the Datsun name coming back are the myriad of details the designer conjured up for his concept. Working at Nissan's Yulon Design Center in Taiwan, the Datsun of Dreams was given winglets for an aircraft touch, a coupe-like shape that conceals a four-place interior, a party animal nav system that's always on the lookout for things that might entertain you, and a two-mode diesel hybrid drivetrain spinning the wheels on a height adjustable chassis that's a nod to traveling on less-developed roads -- it is a "world car" afterall. While Nissan offered support for this design, we wouldn't get our hopes up for any actual return of the Datsun name, though this is the company that offered factory-restored Z-Cars back in the 1990s, so stranger things have happened.

[Source: Car Body Design]

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