Production Ford Ka leaked on the interwebs

Click above to enlarge this image of the 2009 Ford Ka.

We've been seeing spy shot after spy shot of Ford's upcoming second-generation Ka minicar, so it's nice to see it in production form via a leaked photo on the internet ahead of its official unveiling. While the original Ka has been around since 1996, the New Edge vehicle still commands good sales numbers in the U.K. due to its good fuel mileage and low cost. Therefore, Ford's got plenty riding on the new redesign, and the look follows the current Kinetic Euro design ethos used by Ford while still featuring some of the key Ka styling trademarks, such as the pronounced wheel arches.

We have high hopes that the Ka will make the jump from Euro-only model to the United States as part of Ford's current U.S. strategy of offering small cars in lieu of SUVs and trucks. After all, who wouldn't like to see a mild hybrid variant of the next-gen Ka that can achieve 60.3mpg (U.S.)? Plus, it's attained Sub Zero status on Top Gear's Cool Wall.

[Source: Car Tribe]

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