Max Mosley launches more lawsuits against newspapers

Unwilling to recognize when genug is enough, Max Mosley is forging ahead with more lawsuits. After being awarded a £60,000 judgment (plus an additional estimated £1 million in expenses) against News of the World, the tabloid that broke the story of the FIA president's alleged sexual activities, Mosley is now launching a second lawsuit against the publishers. Whereas the previous lawsuit was on the grounds of invasion of privacy, the second action is for libel.

In addition to the follow-up suit against News of the World, Mosley will also be pursuing compensatory damages from German newspaper Bild, which Mosley claims repeated the story unchecked. The suit against Bild petitions for one million euros, plus an addition half-million from its online edition. The prostitute, known only as Woman E, who originally claimed the episode had a Nazi theme, has since recanted and revised her statement to the exclusion of any such connection.

[Source: Autosport, Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty]

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