Rumormill: Renault Alpine could be based off Nissan 370Z

We've been following the developments of Renault's revival of the Alpine marque since earlier this year, and its been confirmed that the first of several new models will debut sometime in 2010. From the beginning, Renault made it clear that Alpine would benefit from dedicated models, rather than rebadged or re-engineered Renaults. Earlier reports suggested something mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive and similar in size to the Mazda Miata or last-generation Toyota MR2, but a new report suggests that Nissan might be tapped to provide a platform and drivetrain.

The director of Renaultsport supposedly sat down with CarTribe to discuss the future of the automaker's high-performance offerings and when asked if a new Alpine model could be based off the Nissan GT-R, he denied it, instead hinting at the use of Nissan's FM platform that underpins the G37 coupe, G35 sedan and upcoming Nissan 370Z. The new model could be more geared towards track duty, with a serious diet and some tweaks to the drivetrain.

While the revival of Alpine is primarily a way for Renault to capitalize on its participation in F1, a Nissan-based model would all but negate such an effort. Then again, with 60 new models expected to come from Renault and Nissan in the next four years, the automaker will use any platform it can get its hands on to expand its lineup.

[Source: CarTribe]

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