Richard Parry-Jones: 180 MPG hatch by 2050

Richard Parry-Jones, who at one time acted as Ford's global Chief Technical Officer, believes that it is entirely possible for automakers to reach 180 miles per gallon by the year 2050 with nothing more than the technology available today. Along with that low fuel consumption comes low carbon emissions -- just 40 grams per kilometer -- well below the strictest standards today. Sound unbelievable? Get this: Parry-Jones suggests getting there by doing nothing more than just leaving the automakers alone. Basically, Ford's former CTO says that current market conditions will sort everything out and the governments should allow the automakers to pick and choose what technologies are the most promising. In the meantime, Parry-Jones suggests not burdening the industry with crippling standards, which, he argues, is a short-sighted, knee-jerk reaction to climate change.
[Source: Autocar]

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