GM's Larry Nitz confirms Volt will use 1.4L four cylinder, talks Two-Mode

The man in charge of hybrid powertrain development at GM Larry Nitz has confirmed that the E-Flex team has made the decision to switch engines for the range extender in the upcoming Chevy Volt. The original concept was to use a turbocharged 1.0L three cylinder engine to drive the generator. Instead they have decided to use a 1.4L normally aspirated version of the engine that will power the upcoming Chevy Cruze in turbo form. Nitz also discussed the issue of why performance of the Volt won't be degraded when running in charge sustaining mode, the status of the Plug-in Vue and expansion of Two-Mode hybrid availability. Full explanations are available in the Green Fuels Forecast interview.

[Source: Green Fuels Forecast]

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