VIDEO: Tesla's Siry interviewed at BIMS

There's lots of green-car action taking place at this years British International Motor Show (BIMS) and although we can't be there in person, our vlogger pal Danny is. Today, Danny has a fresh interview with Darryl Siry from Tesla who was at the show to check out the Lightning GT reveal accompany a Roadster while it sits on display for the public to longingly cast their eyes upon. Mr. Siry was forthcoming in answering most of his queries and we were able to glean a few interesting bits of Tesla news.

The most important information was about the state of European Roadster sales. Although he wouldn't give an exact figure, Danny did manage to wrest from the marketing VP that they've sold several dozen, in fact, they are "pretty soon going to close in on a hundred". They expect to sell the entire European allotment of 250 units for 2008 before the end of the year. Another eyebrow raiser was the mention of plans for Euro stores, including one on the outskirts of London, possibly in the direction of Surrey. They go on to discuss other things such as the Model S deployment strategy, batteries and the Roadster drivetrain 1.5. If you're in need of a Tesla fix with a British accent, hit the jump.

[Source: Danny's Contentment]

Tesla Motors UK. Chatting with Darryl Siry.

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