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Martin Eberhard lends his new keys to a fan

Click above for more shots of TEG's Tesla drive

There's a new Tesla Roadster review making its rounds on the interweb. So, what makes this particular review special? After all, it's not like we haven't read numerous reports from those lucky enough to find themselves in the drivers seat of the stunning electric roadster, including one from our very own Sam Abuelsamid. This particular ride report comes courtesy of Mr. Martin Eberhard, who just recently got the keys to the Roadster he'd been waiting to receive seemingly forever. The lucky driver goes by the name TEG, and it sounds like he very much enjoyed his time with Martin and the brand spankin' new EV.

Not everything with the car is perfect, of course, with entry and exit being the main usability complaint. Also, Martin's car is still fitted with the first-generation drivetrain, meaning it only has use of second gear in the two-speed transmission. Production Tesla's will get what's known internally as drivetrain 1.5, which features a single gear with a slightly more powerful motor. Check out the entire story here, and feel free to watch a quick video of the encounter after the break.

[Source: Tesla Founders Blog]


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