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GM allows workers to offer discounts to everyone

Faced with miserable sales and a brutal economy, General Motors has reverted back to employee pricing for non-GM employees and family members. You may remember the last employee pricing campaign in 2005 that led to record summer sales followed by a miserable fall due to the fact that everybody looking to buy a vehicle pulled their purchase decision forward. This time around, only customers that get a unique PIN from an employee will receive the special pricing, and every GM employee gets one PIN to give away. That translates to roughly 108,000 vehicles that are eligible for special pricing, and only active employees are eligible to participate. Left out of the discounted car sell-athon is the General's considerable pool of retirees, which is larger than the sum of active workers. GM is hoping the promotion will give sales a boost without resorting to wholesale incentives to everyone, and with July rumored to be just as bad as June, the General can use all the help it can get.
[Source: Detroit News]

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