Vauxhall's Ellesmere Port plant could get Volt production in Europe

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Despite Carl-Peter Forster's recent assertion that Euro Volts would be built in America and shipped overseas, GM's European leader is now claiming that Europe may get its own plant. This change of heart could have something to do with Gordon Brown's recent announcement that the British government would offer £90m in funding over the next five years for alternative car projects? Why, yes, it could. Forster indicates that government assistance would play a large role in determining whether a European plant for Vauxhaull and Opel E-Flex vehicles is made and where it could be. GM execs also indicate that the surcharge for the Volt in Europe could be around £20,000 over the similarly-sized Astra.

Prime Minister Brown also laid out plans for electric car charging stations across the U.K. which could be integrated into supermarkets and retail stores. Brown considers our times as "a once-in-a-generation opportunity" for the world to push technology forward in a move to reduce the use of ever more expensive oil.

[Source: The Financial Times]

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