Somebody screen! Ariel Atom gets optional windshield

We've lost track of how many times we've watched Clarkson's track test of the Ariel Atom. It solidified the Atom's place in the track-day hierarchy, impressing with its insane speed, lateral grip and face warping abilities. But for those of us not content to look like a blowfish in full attack mode, Ariel has begun offering an optional windscreen on the Atom, eliminating the need for a helmet.

The new polycarbonate windscreen is semi-frameless, can be detached via five fittings and even includes wipers and a washer system to clear off the bugs that would have otherwise wound up on you and your passenger's forehead.

Ariel hasn't confirmed when the windshield will be available, but it's hoping to keep the cost of the screen and the wipers below £1000. Naturally, we've embedded the Atom's appearance on Top Gear after the break.

[Source: Autocar]

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