EU grants Porsche permission to purchase VW

Porsche is one step closer to its goal of purchasing Volkswagen. Back in April of last year, the German automaker passed the 30-percent mark, forcing it to make an outright offer for The Volkswagen Group in its entirety, which it did. Not too many VW shareholders sold their stake to Porsche, as the bid was for the bare minimum amount allowed by law. Still, the legal requirement had been met, allowing Porsche to continue gobbling up the automaker according to its own timetable. Earlier this year, the VeeDub board approved a request by Porsche to obtain 51-percent of the company for some $15.73 billion, which would give it a majority stake. Before the house that Ferdinand built could complete its acquisition, the European Commission required it to make one last purchase, which took place in June of this year. Finally, the EU has granted its permission for the buyout.

This story is likely far from over, as the German State of Lower Saxony still claims a 20-percent stake in Volkswagen, which gives it certain rights to block decisions made by VW's new parents. Still, it seems that its only a matter of time before VW and Porsche are united under a different Ferdinand... Piech that is, grandson to Mr. Porsche himself.

[Source: Reuters]

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