Rendered Speculation: 2011 Ford Focus

When we see things like this, we feel like Bruce Banner... having to contain our anger... at not getting... the Euro Focus. But hopefully tomorrow our fortunes will change, and if they do, here' s a look at the Focus we could get in 2011.
We were happy enough about the second-gen Focus, and this is even better. With a massive front maw, revised panels throughout, and a well executed sportback rear, the Focus Mk. 3 is, as the English would say, a bit of all right. The highlight show continues inside with better materials and an HMI-like control system. The UK will get the car later this year.

Although this Focus isn't slated (yet) for an RS version, it will put on an ST badge and mods at some point, and will come in three-, four-, and five-door variants, plus a wagon and a convertible. And if you're in Spain, you'll get a special edition diesel Focus WRC-S, with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder pumping 134 bhp. Each one of 666 samples will be signed by Ford WRC driver Marcus Gronholm. Prices have not been announced for any of the new Focus models.

[Source: Auto Express]

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