Chrysler cutting 1,000 white collar workers

Chrysler is losing money by the truck-load, and its vehicles aren't selling, so common sense dictates that team Pentastar was going to start making cuts soon. That time is now, when Chrysler notified workers that it would be cutting 1,000 white collar workers. Chrysler spokesman David Elshoff told employees that the company would achieve its cut target through retirements, attrition, and buyouts, which means people won't be handed boxes and receive security escorts just yet. Chrysler management is making the cuts with the belief that the current economic situation here in the States isn't going to improve any time soon. A quick look at the Pentastar's car lineup shows the privately owned company would be in trouble even if the economy had a rosy outlook. No timetable was given for the white collar cutback.

[Source: Detroit News]

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