Electric MINI will be in US customer hands in summer 2009!

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At a breakfast meeting with MINI USA VP Jim McDowell this morning he was asked to elaborate on recently announced plans for a battery powered MINI. McDowell acknowledged that the US branch was caught somewhat by surprise with the announcement. Plans have not been finalized at this point as to whether the cars will be leased or sold, or how many will be built. What McDowell did say for certain is that electric MINIs will be on the road in the hands of regular customers in the summer of 2009, one year from now. He could not say if all those customers would be in California or if they would be made available nationwide. No specifications such as range are available at this time either.

Update: After the presentation, we talked to McDowell for a few more minutes and although he couldn't say what type of battery will be in the cars, he did say that MINI will make a further announcement later this year, possibly around the time of the Los Angeles Auto Show.

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