At a GM event we attended at the end of last summer, one of the presentations shown to the assembled media was an interior animation depicting the new Chevy Camaro's cockpit lighting and how it changs depending on the position of the key in the ignition. We'd been asking General Motors for a copy ever since, and were politely told, "no" every time. With the car's official unveiling yesterday, GM finally made the video available on the Camaro's official website. We've grabbed a copy and put it in the player above for your enjoyment, along with both of our live vids shot at yesterday's reveal. The interior video shows some really cool stuff, further proof that GM Design is paying close attention to cabin illumination in its new vehicles. Take a ride in a new CTS at night, and you'll see exactly what we mean. From the looks of things, GM's going to give the Camaro the same kind of love, and we're looking forward to experiencing it firsthand.

[Source: GM]

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