Audi system detects stop lights, tells drivers to floor it

It takes months of traveling a particular route to properly time the stop lights, and even with the most intricate knowledge of every intersection, missing the red every time is about as probable as winning the lotto. Audi is looking to change that with a new stop light detection technology that communicates with specially equipped vehicles to tell the driver exactly how fast to drive to avoid getting caught at a red. Audi installed special devices at 50 traffic lights in Ingolstadt, Germany with sensors that calculate your current speed and the distance to the light to determine what adjustments are needed to lay off the brake pedal. The result is improved fuel economy and CO2 emissions, optimal use of time spent on the road and less wear and tear on the brakes. The system can also adapt to traffic patterns to minimize the amount of red lights you'll have to encounter on your daily drive. After soldering on virtually unchanged for 100 years, it appears the modern day traffic light is almost ready for a makeover. Technology is good.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

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