Bring on the heat: Njection updates Speedtrap site

The team at Njection have updated their Speedtrap site with new features and more detailed speed trap information. After introducing the ability to upload speed trap information to Garmin GPS units in March, Njection has now added color-coded maps on its website. Locations of user-reported police radar, or other speed enforcement devices, are displayed as colored dots based on the threat level. Low level threats are yellow, while medium threats are orange. The highest level threats are displayed in red. In addition to the map upgrades, a new "speed trap heat map" visually charts the day and time of the week when the threats are the highest. As before, all database information for the free service is provided by registered users on the site who report on their local enforcement tactics. Check out the press release after the jump for a special incentive for new registered users that may or may not be of any value to you.

[Source: Njection]

Police Speed Trap and Red Light Camera Locations have Nowhere to Hide

Portland, OR, July 22, 2008 - ( has added several new features allowing visitors to view where Red Light Cameras, Speed Detection Cameras and Speed Traps are located anywhere in the world. uses Microsoft Virtual Earth Map Controls to display the location of Speed Traps and Red Light Cameras worldwide. Users with an internet connection can view, contribute and rate where these speed trap are located. In addition, a heat map can be displayed showing what time of day those areas are monitored and will display them visually on the map when those areas are monitored. The map displays a color coded system for better readability. You can download them to your mobile GPS system to alert you to approaching monitored areas. In addition, for a limited time, everyone who registers on the site is eligible for a free 1 year subscription (12 issues) to Motor Trend compliments of Quantities are limited.

In Caney, OK, as reported by KJRH, an investigation uncovered in a 2004/2005 state audit, the town's operating budget was $310,000, almost $200,000 of that coming from speeding tickets. Tickets in Aventrua, FL, can be as much as $500 attached to the vehicle that was involved committing the offense, not the driver of the vehicle. There are no points assessed nor is it reported to the insurance company.

"In the name of safety red light cameras are being installed everywhere," says Shannon Atkinson, President of "But no one knows who these drivers are to get them off the road. In addition, most of the revenue generated from these programs ends up in the general fund of the city, not the roadway safety programs." In most instances, the same company that does the initial investigation on the placement of Red Light Cameras is the same one who installs and monitors them.

A study by the Missouri Department of Transportation shows that although exceeding the speed limit is a contributing factor in accidents, it is far less a factor than inattention due to congestion ahead, failure to yield the right of way, following too closely, or improper lane changes.

"I think the main goal is to let people know where the problem areas are to prevent from being a victim of an accident whether it's from side impact, rear ending, or someone else's careless driving. It's better to be proactive than reactive when driving." Shannon added.

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