MyCar meets world again at British International Motor Show

It's been a long road for MyCar to make it to the public but now NICE Car Company will call the orphan its own and show it off to the hopefully adoring crowds at the upcoming British International Motor Show (BIMS). First displayed at Motor Show Bologna 2003, the Italian-designed city car for two began life as the product of a joint venture between a company called Innovech and the firm of Giorgetto Giugiaro. After a false start in 2006, MyCar has re-emerged and will make it to market with distribution by NICE and manufacturing by re-named, Hong Kong-based, EuAuto Technology.

With a range of 40 miles and a top speed of 40 mph, this quadricycle sits squarely in G-Wiz territory performance-wise. It does have a few tricks the Indian-built car lacks such as electric windows and mirrors, a choice of removable fiberglass or glass roof and a USB, Mp3 and SD input on its radio. Some of its cooler options include 15' wheels and leather seats as well as techno-geek friendly gadgetry like a laptop dock in the folding passenger seat, bluetooth and sat-nav. Safety hasn't been forgotten either and the car features a collapsible steering column and an energy absorbing front crash structure. Four wheel disc brakes and independent suspension should hopefully keep you out of trouble though. Prices should start at £8,995 when the car goes on sale this Autumn.

[Source: NICE Car Company / CNN / Hong Kong Design Professional]

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