Volkswagen considering offering Polo in U.S. market

The Rabbit is currently the most fuel-efficient gasoline-powered vehicle in Volkswagen's U.S. fleet, getting around 26 mpg on the EPA's combined city/highway cycle. But V-Dub wants something better for the U.S. market. Speaking with Bloomberg, VW CEO, Stefan Jacoby revealed that the automaker is considering bringing a subcompact vehicle, similar to the Polo, to the U.S.

With the Toyota Yaris rated at 32 mpg and the Honda Fit coming in at 31 mpg (combined city/highway), Volkswagen is hoping to meet or exceed the competition. While it's unlikely we'll see the current Polo on U.S. shores anytime soon, it's expected that the next generation will be available in the States in 2010 when the new Jetta is released, followed by a new midsize sedan that will replace the Passat.

The additions and revisions to VW's product line is an effort by the automaker to boost U.S. sales to 800,000 units by 2018, nearly tripling the 230,571 vehicles it sold in 2007. VW is also looking to build a new engine plant in Mexico, along with its recently announced Tennessee plant.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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