Rendered Speculation: New Fiesta raises the roof

Just because there's been new life breathed into small cars doesn't mean buyers are going to clamor for dour, joyless, fun-free clunkers. Ford's well aware of that, so its readying a soft-top version of its lauded new Fiesta. The fabric-roofed little party on wheels will make its debut at next week's British Motor Show and should be on the road by early 2010. The sharp looking little cabrio forgoes the popular folding hardtop trend to save weight and maintain usefulness with a small-folding top stack. Competition is heating up in Europe, with plenty of smartly styled, diminutive 'verts hitting the market. We hope that when the Fiesta takes its boat ride across the Atlantic, some of these are tossed in the cargo hold.
[Source: Auto Express]

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