Want to watch Top Gear in person? Prepare to wait 21 years

It's no secret that we're big fans of Top Gear, and it's good to hear that we're definitely not alone in loving the world's greatest motoring show. The waiting list to get a first-hand glimpse of the show being produced is an incredible 336k names deep, which translates to about a 21 year wait. That's enough people to fill England's new Wembley Stadium nearly four times, and for us Yanks, we greatly prefer Top Gear to soccer. With a constant flow of the best vehicles on earth, an endless array of clever new challenges, and the most entertaining show hosts in the biz, we don't think that list will shrink any time soon. We'd love to see the show live and in person, too, but at the current rate most of us would be members of the AARP by 2029. That is unless the Old Trafford can be used as the new Top Gear studio.

[Source: AutoTrader, Image: JonLarge, Flickr]

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