Pics Aplenty: 2009 Mazda6

Click above for a massive, high-res gallery of the 2009 Mazda6.

On the eve of our Mazda6 review, the self-declared Zoom-Zoom brand has offered up 133 images of its newest sedan for our perusal. Want some pretty action shots? There are almost 20 including the one above. What about the folding rear seats? Not only do they give us step-by- step shots of the back seat action (remove mind from gutter), they've also shown us how the pass-through can accommodate both a snowboard and a rug. Ingenious. How about the key? They've got it covered... in triplicate. The starter button? Done. Twice. Obligatory "golf-bag-in-trunk" shot? Check. And while we originally planned to leave out the massive pic of an ABS light set against a totally black background, we thought better of it, just because it was ridiculous.

Enjoy the gallery, and be sure to check out the pricing details and technical tidbits before you come back tomorrow to read our review of the 2009 Mazda6.

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