Bosch delivers 500,000 auto start/stop starters

German automotive supplier Bosch has announced that it has provided nearly half a million start/stop systems for BMW and Mini since launching the system. Bosch also announced that three additional manufacturers will introduce its technology withing the next few months. If you didn't know, Start/Stop technology allows the engine to shut down when the car is not moving, for instance, during traffic jams or at red traffic lights. When the gear is engaged or the accelerator pedal is pressed, the engine automatically starts again. According to Bosch, their system cuts fuel consumption by up to five percent in the European Driving Cycle, which translates into CO 2 emissions being reduced by 8 percent. Bosch also claims that the system is more quiet and more reliable than conventional starters, and can also be used for cold starts in diesel engines.

[Source: Bosch]

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