Yanko Designs renders one-off Ferraris

UPDATE: The designs that Yanko's got on its website are from a past Ferrari design competition, thanks to all the sharp eyed readers who caught it.

As we reported not too long ago, Ferrari is not stupid, and if you've got the obscene cashflow, you can get your own design rendered in Rosso Corsa with a gen-yoo-wine Prancing Horse on the fender. Trouble is, not everyone has a shelf full of sketchbooks with multitudinous supercar designs lying in wait. Even if you do, they're probably not very good. Mastering foreshortening and perspective is not a weekend project, and designing a body that's actually capable of production is also not something the common man, even the uncommonly rich common man, is familiar with. Yanko Design has done some of the heavy lifting for those talentless hacks wanting to join the Jim Glickenhaus society. The Glick went to Pininfarina, but Yanko's collected some former Ferrari design competition candidates to remind us of what could be. The designs are from students, and Yanko's showing some of the ones that didn't make the cut. If these are what students can do, just think of what experienced hands could come up with. Some actually look good, though others would be better off as Hot Wheels cars. Wouldn't it just be cheaper to get one of those Fiero bodykits and put the leftover millions into retirement accounts?

[Source: Autofiends]

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