Rendered Speculation: Baby Mercedes-Benz CLS

Big Merc gender-bending is coming to the small Benzes when the platform underneath the A- and B-Class vehicles is released for consumption. Amongst the van-like MPVs will come a "four door coupe" that Autozeitung predicts will be called the CLA. Picture a shrunken CLS and you get the idea, and that's what Autozeitung's digital artist went with when fashioning a rendering. The "sandwich structure" of the current A/B-Class Benzes allows crash safety with a short nose, as well as passenger cabin benefits, but is costly to build, so something else is being brewed up for the new smallest Mercedes. The front-drive, tall and stubby cars haven't been fawned over, so a platform swap to an FR layout may be in store, though that would seriously chew up space efficiency. A muscled-up Euro scuttled plans to bring the original B-class to the United States, though this new version might just make it onto the boat to do battle in the burgeoning small/flexible/fuel efficient end of the market.
[Source: Carscoop]

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