Can car guys be environmentalists?

Nobody likes to be labeled, unless they truly embody everything that a specific group stands for. For instance, many people who try and live their lives in an eco-friendly manner would not label themselves as "tree huggers", but for some, the label fits perfectly and they have no problem with it at all. Car guys, though, generally readily admit to their fascination with all things automotive. Perhaps it's because being a "car guy" doesn't often carry along a negative stigma. Regardless, an interesting debate has sprung up on the Karl on Cars blog, where Karl Brauer, Editor in Chief of, happily accepts the "car guy" label while rejecting the "environmentalist" tag, despite his admitted provocation to conserve resources whenever possible, including with the automobile.
The debate of whether or not someone could be both an environmentalist and a car guy is an interesting one. Perhaps one could claim to be a "green car guy" in lieu of actually being labeled as a tree-hugging environmentalist. Splitting hairs? Maybe, but it might make sense to have a category for those who want to drive clean for reasons other than saving the planet.

[Source: Karl on Cars]

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