Audi A1 not coming to US market after all, EV early in next decade

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Volkswagen had been expected to make a decision this week on where it would build its new US plant,and an announcement should come soon. And what of Audi? Rupert Stadler, the division's CEO, told a German newspaper this week that it would not make a final decision on building a dedicated US factory until next spring. Audi could end up just building cars at the Volkswagen factory, since some of its cars share their underlying architecture with VW models.

One new Audi that won't be coming to the US is the upcoming A1, a premium small car meant to compete with the MINI. Unfortunately, building such a car in Europe and exporting to the US is apparently not an option. Thanks to the weak dollar, the car would likely be too expensive. Even the current entry level Audi, the Golf-based A3, is proving a tough sell with its $26,000 starting price. Instead, Audi will focus on larger cars like the A4 and Q5, which can be sold at prices that allow them to be profitable. Stadler did say that the company plans to join VW in offering an electric car early in the next decade, but he gave no further details.

Source: Automotive News - Sub. req'd]

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