Ontario premier backtracking on E10 promise

The new backlash against ethanol as a fuel is causing the premier of Canada's largest province to rethink a plan that would have doubled the ethanol content of gasoline fuels by 2010. With more and more people blaming the diversion of food to fuel production for skyrocketing food prices, a lot of the support for biofuels is starting to fade. Premier Dalton McGuinty is the latest to reverse course on a plan that would have required 10 percent ethanol content in gasoline by 2010. Leaders at the G8 summit in Japan this week declared that food security needed to take priority over biofuels. McGuinty has now decided that food costs need to be looked before the E10 plan moves forward. He wants to make sure the province's biofuel plans don't contribute to increased costs of food.
[Source: Globe and Mail]

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